Reupholstery Services


Servicing Top Gyms Across South Africa

We’re proud to service top gyms across South Africa, including:

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Leading the Industry Since 1967

Damascus Sport has been the leading reupholstery service provider for South Africans since 1967. Our commitment to quality, reliability, and speed has made us a trusted partner for gyms across the country.

Meeting the Growing Need for Gym Reupholstery Services

The ever-growing and evolving need for a reliable, fast, and consistent gym reupholstery service led us to develop a system that makes ordering reupholstery for gym equipment easier than ever before. We understand the importance of maintaining your gym equipment in top condition, and we’re here to help.

Introducing the Damascus OMS System

The Damascus OMS system is now available exclusively to select gyms and provides:

  • Unparalleled ease of use
  • Speedy quote generation
  • An overview of all the information you need to make an informed decision for your gym

Simplified Ordering Process

Ordering reupholstery items is now a 3-click process that is further simplified by the graphic interface which makes use of responsive web-design, allowing you to use the system on a mobile phone or a desktop computer. We have worked tirelessly to provide a user experience that is unrivalled and seamless from login to Send POR.